Long-range planning

The properties and lands in the group's portfolio have been stringently selected for their top locations or strong development potential. Ikodomos Holding leaves no stone unturned in realising the potential of these assets by designing visionary, innovative projects with high added value.

Ikodomos Holding is also conscious of its impact on the urban landscape and the community and is developing architectural, high-quality and sustainable buildings. Consequently, from among the best professional partners, we select only those who share these values.


Having been in business for more than 20 years and having created numerous successful projects, Ikodomos Holding has demonstrated its capacity to foresee market trends and is driven by a focus on customer needs.

Financially sound with market knowledge and experience, Ikodomos Holding is a partner you can trust.


Ikodomos and its related companies work entirely independently. Our passionate, driven teams therefore have a free hand, so that projects benefit from the same commitment and efficiency from start to completion.


With each new project, Ikodomos Holding renews its ecological commitments. Teams constantly strive to improve energy efficiency, control operating costs and prioritise environmental criteria.

The Holding's engineers were among the first to obtain DGNB and CPE certification, and the IFSB's sustainable development adviser diploma. The Cubus and Charlotte developments are officially Luxembourg's first Breeam-certified buildings.